Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Happy International Yoga Day

21st June 2017

Whatever may be your age group and whatever may be the type of exercise you are following , if YOGA is not yet a part of your exercise, please try and add YOGA to your exercise routine.

Giving here a few Pranayama types.
1)Kapalbhati Pranayama

2)Bhastrika Pranayam

3)Anulom vilom Pranayam

4)Bhramari Pranayam

5)Shitali Shitkari Pranayam

There are many but if you add above YOGA  to your daily exercise  routine it will not take more than 10 minutes.
And hopefully you will continue this for ever.

Try this and you will surely experience the positive difference in your personality and health.

Hats off to Shri. Ramdev Baba! He played a vital role in passing the precious knowledge of YOGA to the common man. 

Every Pranayam Detailed Explaination - Baba Ramdev

If your age and body permits you can add  SURYANAMASKARA  too to your daily exercise routine.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


21st century mantra

Update your digital skills with our specially designed DigiLifeSkills-SMART SKILLS WITH SMART LEARNING workshops.

1)DigiLifeSkills - (Learn Digital marketing with blogging) for non IT background people who want to sell their services , products.

Highlights of this course:

  1. You can have your own blog with your own domain name and youtube channel
  2. You can learn better with your own blog site.
  3. Learn the techniques of Digital Marketing
  4. You can learn through material and video links provided to you at your convenient time.
  5. To clear doubts you can contact through email,whatsapp or by calling.
  6. Weekend Online or Classroom  Lectures will be conducted. You can join any as per your convenience.
  7. No waiting for batch once you made up your mind just contact us and start your DigiLifeSkills workshop.

For more details call or whatsapp on 9422317539

Under our CSR activity Following workshop is free addon for those who register with us.

One Hr Me with me - A step towards Conscious Living

Please contact us using our contact form

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We conduct training in three languages  मराठी,हिंदी  and English.
You can also contact us to conduct workshops in your area if you have suitable venue to conduct workshop.

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