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Sanjeev Chaudhary
Providing simple and sustainable IT Cloud Solutions and Training is my Passion

👋 Hello, I'm Sanjeev Chaudhary, a results-driven IT professional with a relentless passion for delivering seamless business automation and driving organizational growth through cutting-edge Cloud Technologies.
🎓 Education & Expertise: I hold a degree in Engineering and completed my post-graduation in MBA-IT, positioning me at the intersection of technology and business strategy. With over 30 years of hands-on experience, I bring a wealth of knowledge in ERP/CRM systems and Cloud-based solutions.
💡 My Mission & Vision: My mission is clear: to simplify complexities and optimize processes through sustainable and user-friendly IT solutions. I thrive on solving challenges and transforming businesses into agile and competitive entities, poised for success in the digital age.

🌱 Training & Empowerment: As an ardent believer in continuous growth, I conduct customized training programs to equip individuals and teams with the skills to leverage IT to its fullest potential. Empowering professionals to embrace change and thrive in the ever-evolving technology landscape is at the core of my endeavors.
🔑 Key Areas of Expertise: ✔ Business Automation & Process Optimization ✔ Cloud Infrastructure & Migration ✔ ERP/CRM Implementation & Integration ✔ IT Project Management ✔ Training & Development ✔ Digital Transformation
🤝 Let's Connect: I'm enthusiastic about connecting with fellow IT enthusiasts, industry peers, and forward-thinking professionals who share a passion for innovation and transformative technologies. Feel free to reach out to explore potential collaborations, discuss industry trends, or exchange insights.
Let's embark on a journey of simplified IT solutions, paving the way for enhanced efficiency, sustainable growth, and boundless opportunities. Connect with me today, and let's shape the future of IT together!

IT industry Experience 30 Years in the field of MIS.

Worked as CRM Development Manager in

ANSYS Fluent India Pvt. Ltd.

I am also a member of the Rotary Club of Pune Shivajinagar


B.E. Electronics 

IT industry Experience 30 Years in the field MIS - Management of Information system ERP/CRM

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Whatsapp no  9422317539

To know more about me visit my personal website 

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