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SSK- Smart Skill Katta

I wrote this message in SCCN SmartCampusCloudNetwork  Newsletter and decided to act on my own thought. I was thinking on a thought that what is the best way we can promote the Skill Building activity in well organized way and my thinking process coined a term "Smart Skill Katta".
"Smart" is today's buzzword. Our ultimate goal is to make Smart India through various "Smart" ventures. I think today educating people on right skill building knowledge is most important and required thing. Thats why "Smart Skill" and  
What is "katta" ?  "Katta" is a place  where people meet for casual discussion to exchange thoughts and knowledge. Which we all are really missing in todays virtual world created by various electronics gadgets. I was thinking on various skill building courses and I think in today's scenario 

"Understanding Digital Transactions - A smart step towards Less Cash Society”

should be one of the Smart Skill building course
So I have started preparing course material for this Skill building course. While working on this course material got an opportunity to solve real time problem . I decided to explain Digital transaction to my family members inluding our house helpers and my wife Meena told me that "our home maid has recently deposited a cheque in her bank account and now can she check her bank statement on mobile to check whether cheque is deposited or not?"
I said "yes it is possible and you can check your bank mini statement by just sending one sms"
So I showed her the steps to view mini bank statement on her mobile phone. She was very happy and realized that on a simple click of sms cost she saved her time and fuel cost for going to bank.

After two days after studying her bank mini statement on mobile phone she had one query reagarding one entry 124 CR in her bank statement and she thought that amout is "cut" from her account due to Pradhan Mantri Jan Suraksha Bima Yojana Policy (PMSBY) . So I explained her it is not a "cut" from your account that entry is actually a deposit (addition) to your bank account by bank as an interest on your saving amount. My spouse Meena as being a commerce graduate  explained her the term "DR" and "CR" written against every amount in the bank statement.
In short there could be a missunderstanding only because of our ignorance and only answer to all this is "right education".

Hence to share my knoweldge on Digital Bank & Digital wallet transactions herewith I am giving some useful points .

1. Understand the Difference between Digital Mobile Wallet App like paytm and UPI BHIM App.

Answer: In Wallet we first load the money and then do the payments . Using UPI BHIM App we can directly transfer the money from one bank account to another bank account.

2. Difference between NEFT and IMPS fund Transfer

Answer: NEFT works in specified banking hrs and days. But using IMPS (Immediate payment Service) we can do bank transfer 24/7 and on holidays too.

3. What is VPA , MMID 

Example :  yourmobilenumber@upi is your VPA which you can create using BHIM App. VPA is just like your email id used to transfer money from one bank account to another bank account.

You can download  BHIM APP from Android phone play store

Search the BHIM App in Play Store and download  following NPCI BHIM App

MMID  - Mobile Money Identification Number (MMID). This is very important and you can check it by just simple sms to 9222208888

4. How to check your bank statement using SMS.

Herwith giving the SBI bank link to check bank account using sms for your sbi bank account. If you have another bank account check information on that respective bank account website. 

Hence install BHIM App  or your Banking mobile App and try yourself Digital banking transaction. You can try and do your banking transactions with your family members to safely understand mobile banking. Under our SSK activity we are going to conduct training worskshops to teach digital transactions. 

Today knowledge of Digital tranaction is very important.
When I say Digital transaction it is not limited just to Digital Bank transaction or Digital wallet transaction. With bank  transaction we can pay or receive money directly into our bank account or in our Digital wallet. But in today's digital world it is very important to know how effectively we can use Cloud services, buisiness applications,Social media applications , various mobile apps to organize our day to day activities  and above all how to Digitally market our own business. 
Using IoT  (Internet of Things) digital transactions we can smartly manage environment related problems like Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy , Water Conservation etc.  Imagine our simple like  or comment to post or google search query is getting stored somewhere. What is BigData technology? how and where all these transactions are getting stored and analyzed to understand future trends. In short it is very interesting and amazing to know and understand the Journey of simple two bits  1 and 0 digital transactions which just happened in last 50 years only. So let us come together to build a better today and best tomorrow by sharing our knowledge. So contact us by filling our 

Conducted Workshop "Understanding Digital Transactions - A smart step towards Less Cash Society” 
at Rahul Towers Co-op Hasg Soc Ltd., Bhusari Colony,Paud Road, Pune

 Abhishek MIT second year Engineering student explaining Digital  Transactions on phone.

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