Thursday, August 31, 2017

3S of the Century

Out of 3S of the century what should be  the 2nd S , Spirituality or Society ?

In my opinion it should be spirituality.

Understanding 3 S - Science, Spirituality and Sustainability we can create sustainable happy society.

Recently one Baba Ram Rahim tried using 2S  with his own interpretation and did lot of practicals and the result you know 

Another question, is there any difference between being Religious and Spiritual? . Yes Spirituality is above the religion.

Spirituality:For science student those who studied OOP - Object Oriented Programming can understand this with inheritance concept.

"Spirituality is super class from which religions are inherited."
All  religions,cast , Guru's, Baba's and their teaching techniques are polymorphic implementation of this inheritance.

•When people will understand Spirituality is above religion. They will start loving each other in spite of any religion.

•Religion is important for living in the society purpose but should not be treated above country which provide you the top most security and better society living.

•We should create a society where people should be loved instead of things and Religion.

Science is Pure Function those who are studying Functional Programming can understand what is Pure function.

I have seen in real life many scientist and those who have really done significant contribution in the field of science , believe in spirituality and practice spirituality.

Sustainability is understanding and implementing Immutable Values which are universally accepted by universal society.

We are lucky that we have witnessed this digital era of science

Two Binary Digits 0  and 1 just understanding their importance and with the right implementation using science created the history and we have seen this development in our one life span.

"Both 0 (Zero) and Spirituality अध्यात्म are invented here in INDIA.

Science is incomplete without accepting the value of 0 (zero). Similarly life search is incomplete without understanding the value  of spirituality."

"Life is Journey we should learn to Enjoy it with Conscious Living"

Conscious Living is an art which you will have to develope by yourself    . A good mentor/teacher/Guru can just help you or guide you but at the end it is your own personal journey which only you can understand and enjoy by actual feelings and experience.  

On  24th August 2017, nine Supreme Court judges voted unanimously in favour of privacy as a fundamental right

This is very important  judgement  given by Supreme Court but for its right implementation and understanding maximum Consciousness should be generated in the people.

Consider the rights of others before your own feelings, and the feelings of others before your own rights.
- John Wooden

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge. ( Stephen Hawking )

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Induction for Engineering students

Addressed E&TC first batch student of Sinhagad Engineering College Lonavala. As being E&TC engineer passout of 1984 batch shared my professional life experiences with them and addressed importance of 3s- Science Spirituality and Sustaniability 

The best part of my addressing was when I shared my experience "how I mentored my elder son Harshvardhan to be a SAP Consultant after completion of his graduation in BBM-IB management graduation from MITSOM. " and students and parents clapped ...that was my greatest reward  got from new aspiring engineering students & the parents attending that Induction event. Proud of my son Harshvardhan as well who worked hard to achieve his goals.

And all the Best to all students who started new inning of their career.

Summary points of Induction talk to Students and Parents

  • Keep  an eye on upcoming technologies which are not part of your syllabus but will be in the market when you will start your dream job search. In short keep updated yourself with the current and future technologies.
  • Shared my experience - after completion of my BE  I stayed back in college for 1 month to learn Microprocessor which was not in our syllabus. And College and our HOD Dr. Rao allowed me to use laboratory to learn microprocessor. In short utilize your college resources and faculty knowledge resources.
  • Sense the opportunity and do not miss it-Shared my experience how I grabbed opportunity to learn and write my first program in COBOL by the opportunity provided by ICIM manager Mr. Handa.
  • My younger son Abhishek who is Engineering E-TC student in MIT Kothrud , I told him to keep eye on IoT workshop. And he grabbed the opportunity and participated in one IOT workshop. IIT Powai conducted the IoT workshop and competition under Techradiance, powered by Harbour Technology.

  • Grab the opportunities to work on live projects. Build the LinkedIn and Github profile . This will help you to find your dream job.
  • Master the skills of Google search and copy and paste techniques to complete the job.
  • For parents my message -  Frequent communication with your ward is very important. Most of the family problems are solved by healthy communication  between parent and ward.
  • Students should understand and believe that  parents are the most trustworthy reliable source of their life and parent should work to fulfil their wards’ trust.