Thursday, June 21, 2018

Submit Online Incometax e-filing and e-verify ITR online

Now the IT return e-filing process is more simple. 
You can easily submit your ITR online and e-verify it online in few hrs. Just follow these steps and keep all information ready with you before starting the online ITR submission process.

Due Dates for e-Filling

Individual(Salaried) -ITR1-  31st July 2018
Business   -                  ITR4-  30th September 2018  

  1. Open this link
  2.  If you have not yet registered create your account it is simple and you will require your pan no & date of birth for login.

After login goto e-File / Prepare and Submit Online ITR  and in that select ITR type ITR-1  or ITR-4 and prefiill address option.

Individual(Salaried) -ITR1-  31st July 2018
Business   -                  ITR4-  30th September 2018  

Keep Following data ready before starting  Online ITR process

1. Form-16  - For salaried person  Keep ready the Gross Total Income amount from Form-16  Part B Annexture

For other income check this list

2. Keep all allowed Deduction amount ready 

IMP:Keep all other Bank IFSC code and account no ready with you.
Also keep ready if you have deposited more  than Rs. 200000/ (Two Lacs) in any bank in the demonetization period 9-11-2016 to 30-12-2016

Also note that if you have deposited less than 2 lacs in demonetization period . Enter 0 amount on the form.

Frequenlly save your work using save draft button

After completion Click Preview Submit button and Submit the online ITR

After submitting online ITR next step is verify it.
Now you can verify it online.
Now printed copy of ITR verification form need  not to send physically by post to Bangluru office.

Now you can use any one of the following method to generate EVC code to verify your return online.

Imp Note: Always check your Dashboard for pending actions

Select Generate EVC option from My Account Menu

You can see 4 options to Generate EVC

Option 1 - generate e-Filling OTP  - you can use it, if your income is less than 5 lacs

So the best way is use your Net banking account to quickly generate EVC

You just need to login to your banking account through your  account

So Select

Option 2 - Generate EVC through NetBanking

Continue will show you the bank list just select your bank and login and do the online e-verification of your ITR

After log in into your net banking account
search for the Income Tax e-filling menu option .
This is sample of HDFC net banking account.
It will vary as per your bank.
Select that option just accept and confirm e-verification process.

After e-verifying your ITR through netbanking 
You can download e-verified ITR Acknowledgement'
and ITR-Form , from dashboard menu of your  account.

From dashboard menu select View Returns /Form
Click on respctive Ack.No
and download the pdf file.

To open pdf file you will require password
and it is combination of your pan no & birthdate

Example if your pan No is:  ABCDE3010M and birthdate is 03/02/1961
Then password will be  abcde3010m03021961

Plese post comment if this help you to submit your ITR 
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Plese post comment if this help you to submit your ITR 
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MANY MANY THANKS SANJU. According to your guideline & video clip as well as valuable suggestions on phone-tonic discussion, I tried to file the IT Return online & successfully completed the e-filing procedure.Also successfully download ITR-1 Form & ITR Acknowledgement with e-verify. Thanks Sanju because of you now I feel tension free from IT department.
For all these things credit goes to you only. Again many many Thanks.
Now,because of my success my other staff are in Q to file their IT return from me.
Again credit goes to you only to make such type of chain like me.

Satish Patil.

Sanjeev Chaudhary said...

Thanks Satish for the feedback and appreciate your efforts on e-filling ITR on your own.
Also happy to know that you are going to help your colleagues as well. Gr8. Keep it up.