Zoom Cloud Meeting

In this lockdown period  conducting online meeting is very good option .
You can use Zoom Cloud Meeting app to conduct your 
business meetings, Club Meetings or personal one to one meeting as well

In this post I will explain you steps to activate your  Zoom Cloud Meeting Account.

You can conduct Zoom meeting from laptop /Desktop  or from your mobile phone as well

But for this you should have active account at https://www.zoom.us/

Goto  https://www.zoom.us/  and sign up for your zoom account

For using Zoom meeting on your mobile  Activate Zoom Cloud Meeting  account by downloading it from Play Store/App Store  if you are using Android  / iPhone  respectively

In Play store  search  for following app and install it

After installing this App open it and you can see following screen

If you have active gmail account or facebook account you can use it directly to  activate your Zoom account or sign in . In that case directly use Sign In option and select Google or Facebook option as shown below.

Or you can use Sign Up option in that case you will receive activation email and you can set your own password for this account.

You can do this from your laptop or desktop as well


If you have any problem or questions you can whatsapp me on  9422317539

Sanjeev Chaudhary

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