21st Century Digital Skills

I have developed these special Digital Literacy modules for 21st Century Digital Skills. For :

1.Social Organization Leaders 2.Managing your own Organization using Cloud solutions 3.Special Module on developing Order Management forms. 4.Managing Housing Society using Cloud solutions with Accounting module. You can enroll in any one Module of your choice To register you can pay Rs. 500/- and attend one session at 5 PM the date will be informed after your registration. In this one session, you can learn a lot of things.

Even I will teach you how you can learn yourself as well. But if you decide to complete the remaining 5 sessions with me you can do so by further paying Rs. 1500/- Total fees is Rs. 2000/- And I will start the batch when 5 or more enrolled for the same module

Digital Literacy For Social Organization Leaders

If you have joined any Social Organization and accepted any leadership role this module is for you.

What you will learn

Day 1 and 2

  1. Understanding digital resources to manage your organizational activities smartly

            A.Understanding Google or MS 365 Apps with the power of Gmail or outlook.

            B.Using whatsapp groups and Google Keep for easy communication


Day 3

Using Zoom for online meetings

Day 4


Using google/ Excel sheet  and calendar to manage your project activities

Day 5

Understanding tools for publishing your bulletins and using your Organization's website to update information.

Day 6 

Summary of all the above sessions. And some Managerial Tips.


Each session will be for 1 Hr

Rs. 2000/-  per student  Minimum 5 Student batch is required.

Total 5 Sessions of 1 Hr.

Registration Link


Sanjeev Chaudhary




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