Friday, October 30, 2020

Trusted Online Election Solution

Online Nomination Committee Election Process for Rotary Club

This is simple two step process

1.Once members  join the online meeting,  Attendance form link will be shared in the meeting chat 

 Just click that ATTENDANCE FORM link select your name  and mark your attendance

2. Once attendance is confirmed by the Election Committee VOTING FORM will be shared in the meeting chat. Click that form link to cast your vote. 

  1. Select Your Name

  2. Select at the most  or Exact  6/7 NC Candidates Name ( as confirmed by club policy)

And submit the form

Voting form will be disabled Once Voting done by all members who marked their attendance.

Result will be emailed in pdf format to the Convenor of Election Committee and  Election Committee member and President , Secretary

It will  contain

  1. Result sheet

  2. Attendance list

  3. Vote received list without name who voted whom.

Convenor of Election Committee  will announce the result.

Building TRUST through Simplicity and Technology

For More Customized Solutions and Live Demo Contact:

Rtn Sanjeev Chaudhary

We simplify life with EASy and Trusted Cloud Solutions

We Successfully Conducted First Online NC Committee Election for Rotary Club Pune Central

" It was indeed well designed and quite user friendly. Great job done."
Thank you PE Amitabh Mukhopadhyay , President Ajay Dube and Rtn. Lekha Nair

If you missed the online live demo meeting of this solution , you can view it here

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