Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Understanding Cloud Solutions and Digital Marketing

The success of Digitalization of your Organization whether it is a professional organization or Social organization or cooperative organization is depends on 

1.Mindset of the stake holders: Stake holders (Directors,Chairman, President) plays important role as they are going to approve the funds for the project and without funds nothing move in the right direction. So first stake holders should be convinced that digitalization is important and required for their organization.

2. Right selection of the technology solutionNow a days mobile app is buzz word. Everybody is talking about mobile app and many think having mobile app for their business will solve their all problems.  But honestly think on following point.

"Out of all mobile apps installed on your mobile how many you are opening regularly."

Very few mobile app we use regularly

And installing unsecured mobile app can be risky.

So in my opinion progressive web app or cloud solution is better option than mobile app. 
Then if required Mobile app can be added as a service app for your progressive web app or cloud solution.

3.Right and skilled users : The success of the system is depends on the timely uptdated data in the system. So always give right system traning to users who are going to use the system to update the data or to view the reports.

4. Data security and ownership : Whatever cloud system you build or subscribe for use, you should know where all data will get stored and who will have access to it. How you can backup and store the data for future use.

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