IT Cloud Solution for Organizing Rotary Club


As being a Rotarian and member of Rotary Club of Pune Shivajinagar . 
I have developed IT Cloud Solution for organizing Rotary club in my tenure 2015-16. In that year I have served my club as Club Secretory.
So sharing my knowledge and  suggestion which will be useful for incoming President, Secretory , IT Officer and BOD of Rotary club 2018-19 for Organizing club activities as cloud solution for collaborative working.

Check  below Googlesheet developed to manage Rotary club activities. You just need to fill activities respective information on Activity sheet. 

Following Activity data fields are important and required while updating data to Rotary RI web site  and  Rotary District website.

  1. Date
  2. Meetings & Project Activities
  3. Avenue
  4. Volunteers
  5. VolunteersHrs
  6. Cash (In USD)
  7. In-Kind-Contribution (in USD)
  8. Beneficiaries

If you keep ready this information in googlesheet which you can share with BOD and update it in collaborative working environment which is the bigest advantage of using Google sheet in cloud environment.

Once you updated activity sheet  you can view the summary report and following your Goal chart on Dashboard tab.

I will suggest along with this maintain facebook page of your club so using these two cloud solutions you can organize your club very well and it will give your BOD a very handy information to update Rotary RI web site  and  Rotary District website.

The advantage of Club Facebook page is that you can showcase your projects and social work to the outside world.

You can view the sample of Google sheet at following link

and view Face book page of our Rotary club of pune shivajinagar at below link

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